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Meet Lee

At-home Dementia Care Consultant

Hi everyone, my name is Lee LaMarche.


For over twenty years I have had a passion for eldercare in all its forms. Straight out of college, I became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) after watching my grandfather develop Parkinson’s disease. I wanted to help care for him, and my first job was caring for him and other residents at the nursing home where he was living.

Following that, I learned all about assisted living facilities as well as traditional nursing homes and memory care units. One of my favorite roles was working as a Dementia Activity Coordinator where it was my responsibility to create enrichment opportunities for those with varying levels of dementia. Designing activities meant anything from baking cookies to showing visiting families how to engage with their loved ones.

​I am constantly finding new ways to better myself and my skill set.  On top of my hands-on experience, I have also completed two advanced courses: Dementia Care for Families and Dementia Advanced Care.

It is my privilege to provide information to caregivers in a variety of forms.  This website brings them all together in videos, blogs, guides, and podcasts.  If there is anything you need, you can feel free to reach out.  

I look forward to hearing from you.



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