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Sometimes all you need is a person who understands

There are many questions people have about becoming caregivers for people with dementia.  This page features curated videos designed to give some top-level knowledge to those with questions.

What is Dementia?

There are many questions people have about dementia.  The first one should always be what is it?  Dementia is an umbrella term that covers quite a bit of ground.  Learn more.

Communicating with Dementia

When we consider the normal lines of communication, we often forget about the people that have dementia.  Talking with them is so much different and should be approached differently.

Fiblets and Redirects

Is it hard for you to get your loved one to switch from one behavior to another?  How about when they insist on certain things that do not actually exist?  There are ways to help them without causing a fight.  Learn more about fiblets.

Endstage Dementia

From the outside, endstage dementia seems like the worst part of the disease.  However, for people that have been caregivers, it might feel like a release from the years of conflict that come with dementia care.  Learn more about this stage.

Home Safety

When you bring a person with dementia into your home, it is important to know they are safe.  That is why caregivers must be able to identify the problems that could arise in a typical home situation.


All of your questions can be answered with our helpful guides.

Remember, your questions are important and the answers do exist.  Check out our guides today.

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